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Professor Malcolm McDonald and his team are a global group specialising in strategic marketing, sales and key account management. We serve clients in both business-to-business and consumer markets. Our unique toolbox of methodologies, business models, workshops, online marketing simulations and best-selling books are carefully defined and rigorously tested in the marketplace. We are true sales and marketing strategists who can bring profitable growth.

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Boards of Directors and Senior Management briefings to win their support and commitment

A winning strategy not only requires carefully evaluated market insights and actionable output, but also requires the full support of its directors, executive committee and senior management teams. This is as essential at the start of any strategic review, as it is at its conclusion and implementation stages. In addition, keeping key personnel informed of the review’s findings has an equally important role to play.

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Keynote addresses to enthuse marketers and their business colleagues on the value of marketing

Our experts can bring new ideas and different approaches to developing winning strategies.  Regardless of how essential a strategy may sound, still requires the right ‘packaging’ if it is to reach out and galvanize its audience into action. Having business colleagues motivated about what can be achieved provides valuable support to the marketing team charged with getting the job done.

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Hands-on workshops in which delegates improve by applying the learning to their own business

To have your teams equipped with both the essential tools and techniques for world class marketing, and the experience of applying them to their own business produces immediate results. In our highly participative hands-on workshops, delegates cover the core components of Professor McDonald’s acclaimed strategic marketing process, such as needs-based market segmentation and balanced customer portfolio.

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Diagnostics and constructive reviews of a company’s sales and marketing strategy and of its internal and external resources charged with implementation

We offer access to an extensive experience bank built over many years, across a broad range of businesses and from around the world.  This has become a valuable resource to businesses looking to diagnose and review their current plans and how they are executed. Key to these diagnosis and reviews is not only knowing where, but also how the sales and marketing strategy and plan can be improved.

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Consultants who engage with an assigned in-company marketing team to develop a market-winning strategy and actionable plans for the business

For a market-winning strategy to deliver the market performance and financial results it is capable of, requires the strategy and the process used in its development to be embedded into the fabric of the business and fully owned by the company. The full potential of Professor McDonald’s tools and techniques are achieved with consultants whose approach is to partner an in-company team, and whose method of working means the skills they bring to the assignment are transferred to this team.

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Enabling business simulation software which supports the core processes and releases marketers from concerns over data management

A suite of tools is available, each designed to help staff focus on identifying the best value-creating opportunities that are available to the business. The tools we included in the online simulations help practicing strategic marketing and key account management skills. For example, there are templates for producing a strategic marketing plan or a key account plan, a dashboard for adjusting the value proposition to match needs of market segments, and a ‘starter pack’ for producing a Directional Policy Matrix.

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Management programs for strategic accounts tailored to treat key customers as markets in their own right

Our research has shown that rather than making money for suppliers, key customers often COST more than their revenues; few know why or what to do about it. We share, with the Board and multi-discipline team, our knowledge about selecting and categorizing strategic accounts; anticipating their needs: developing key/strategic account plans; understanding the skill set required for managing; setting appropriate objectives and strategies; how to get the whole organization to understand individual roles in delivering value to key/strategic accounts.

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Proven process that quantifies in financial terms the value received from dealing with the supplier

In today’s highly competitive markets, Boards of Directors are increasingly looking to their senior colleagues for proof that their strategies and expenditure will result in financially quantified value propositions. Our research shows that buyers will select suppliers who can differentiate their value proposition and prove the financial benefits of choosing them. We can bring together a multi-discipline team from marketing, sales, operations and finance to quantify the business value and the Dollar value of your offering to strategic customers.

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The proof that matters to the Board; marketing and sales strategies and expenditure will result in SVA

Success today in commercial markets is measured in terms of Shareholder Value Added (SVA), having taken account of the cost of capital, the time value of money and the risks associated with an organisation’s strategy. We engage with the Chief Finance Officer, the Chief Marketing Officer and a small number of colleagues in marketing and sales, to ensure that the process of risk assessment is rigorously implemented. We can trigger a new type of conversation that matters to the Board, and that will bring a new, positive attitude towards marketers and what they do.

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